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share library pdf's

why not allow sharing of pdf's in a readcube library by direct email, as can be done in papers 3

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I agree that it`s an essential feature

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Very convenient to send PDF to students ! :)

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Also, please integrate the system-wide sharing function on Mac and iOS. It was such a nice feature from Papers3 to be able to share PDF not only to email but other programs like Slack

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Being unable to send pdfs to other people by email is the most annoying theing about Read Cube Papers.

I got it, you want to have people buy papers licenses and have shared libraries and the like. However, in day to day life I would like to sometimes just send an interesting article to somebody who might not have access to the pdf otherwise.

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Being able to drag and drop a PDF into an email (on my Mac) or to the desktop is a core feature. I really hope it will be developed soon.

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Agree.  And having those files named something other than a string of numbers would be great.  Right now, I can find the "formatted" files in the finder, but in terms of downloading them its just a string of numbers.  Not very attachment friendly.

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I agree. This is essentially and also incredibly annoying to have to work around, especially since there's already a mostly useless "Share" button in Readcube Papers that.... just copies and pastes the reference in an email.

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Being able to email references and pdfs from within Papers 4.0 should be a high priority. Papers 3 had this feature and it worked great. 

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It is crazy and maddening it is not yet there.

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