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Distinguishing organisation names from person names in the 'Authors' field

It would be great to be able to distinguish organization names from the person names when manually editing author details. Currently, for example, if I enter 'World Health Organisation', it would show up as 'Organisation, W' in the bibliographic list. 

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Agree - this is really needed - and worked very well in Papers 3.

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Agreed - the  handling of this is so bad it is making the programme almost unusable:

"European Medicines Agency" becomes "Agency, E"

"National Joint Registry for England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man" becomes "and the of for England"

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+1 currently the handling of organizations is an issue for me too.

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+1 - came here to look for the solution, assuming I had done this incorrectly. Very hard to edit names in the new version too, relative to previous versious

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Any update in this? It's a big problem for me too...Federal Highway Administration becomes "Administration, F. H."

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+1 Please fix this!

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 +1 please fix this.

also please make it easier to edit author names, too!

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This is an URGENT feature missing in Papers 4 and present in Papers 1, 2 and 3...

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We have created a workaround this for now. If you add a ~ add the end of an author name we will treat it as an organization.

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In my opinion this work around is okay, but is certainly not ideal. Not only does it make the Authors column in our library messy, it is essentially a 'hack' that will no doubt break in the future.

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Not a good workaround. As Braden Mitchell mentioned, it makes things messy and creates problems not only for the future but also when exchanging records between apps. A good example affects LaTeX users like myself, as World Health Organisation exports as author = {Organisation\textbackslashtextasciitilde, World Health}. 

Please bring Papers 3 approach back, where we could just check a box to inform it was a institutional author.

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Yes: agreed that this is not a suitable workaround: it doesn't work for LaTeX users at all, so the new workaround is useless from my perspective.

In general LaTeX users are much more poorly-served by ReadCube Papers than they were by Papers3). Many people don't use MS Word!

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This lack of functionality appears to have not yet been addressed. Is there a ETA for this feature shipping?

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It doesn't seem to work on Window Desktop version.


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