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Improve iOS app (iPadOS)

While the iOS app is good enough for searching, reading and marking articles, it would be very helpful to make it closer to the functionality of the desktop app, like allowing smart cite, or exporting the library to a .bib file, now that iPadOS incorporates a more useful file system. 

Supercharging the mobile app can make it even more useful for working on the go!

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I agree. It would also be very useful to see if a given reference is already in my library. When I click on a reference within a pdf, it directly brings me to the webpage where I can download the pdf, which is very nice if the reference does not already exist in my library! However, if the reference already exists, it would be much nicer if, instead of bringing me to the webpage, it would bring me to the entry in my library. Or at least tell me that the reference already exists such that I don't download the reference again.. This is also how it is done in the desktop/web app. 

Also, when editing tags in iOS it would be nice to have autocomplete or some suggestions based on the tags that exist in my library.

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