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Keyboard commands - tab switching

There aren't a lot commands in the menu bar of the Mac version of ReadCube Papers. This makes it harder to figure out what useful keyboard commands the new Papers app supports. Maybe there's a support article somewhere that I haven't seen, but I think adding menu commands make this a lot easier.

If Paper's doesn't have a tab-switching keyboard command, it really needs it. On a Mac, it is usually CMD - { and CMD - } .

Also, select all doesn't work in the search fields. 

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Keyboard shortcuts are essential in the desktop version. The fact that basic keyboard functions like Cmd+C or Cmd+A (or SpaceBar for Quicklook) don't work make the app feel like it was not designed for MacOS. Because they aren't even in the menu, one cannot even create these shortcuts through System Preferences.

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Agree with you Timothy - the desktop app is hard to navigate because it relies so heavily on the mouse... previous versions of Papers3 allowed seamless switching with keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs and/or open papers and return to the complete library listing. I hope the developers fix this in future versions - it would make the ReadCube Papers app much more useful/easy to use.

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I'd like to chime in with a request for having Command-o allow for the opening of a URL, at least on a Mac.  It is a feature that was in Papers 3 which I am really missing from ReadCube.

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We need these now!!

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Oh yes please! Missing these function enormously!

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Similarly with windows

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Keyboard shortcuts for annotating documents would be very useful - e.g. highlight selection, strikethrough, etc.

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