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Detect and Display Duplicates

I'm happy to see that the merge duplicates option has been implemented. In the previous version of Papers, not only could you select two duplicate papers and merge them manually but you could also select a menu item that would attempt to identify all duplicate papers and display them for your confirmation and merging. Having this feature in the new version would be very much appreciated. 

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I agree!

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This feature is really necessary! :D 

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How we can check for duplicates and merge them?

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This would be so helpful!

It is pretty inevitable that one gets some duplicates over time.  Quite annoying and nice to have an easy facility to identify these and then delete.

Unfortunately, with deletion, there is aways the possibility of deleting the wrong candidate !.   So  human interface, to identify  two or more redundancies and then delete one or more.  Will give it a go, and report back.  As Scott of the Antarctic, or one of his noble team said, "I am going outside now and may be some time "

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I agree - I miss being able to view duplicates. Please plan to implement. Thank you!

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