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Multiple item selection - need more options, like citekey, add tag, etc.

 In the old version of papers, I could select several references at once. Then, I could export the bibtex reference (or now citekey) for several papers and past that into a Latex document. Or I could add a tag to multiple papers I had just imported. Some of these options are available if you select one paper, but not if you select multiple.

I have to continue using the old Papers version until you have this because these abilities are central to my to literature review and writing process.

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That's exactly the features I'm missing since I'm trying ReadCube… Be able to select several articles and change/add Tags, Author, Journal to all at once (edit Meta Data!). I am able to do it in Papers but couldn' figure it out on readcube. Now I know why… Don't know if I should upgrade… This is very useful on my way to work

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