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Import Bibtex from Clipboard

I would like to know how to import references in Bibtex format from Clipboard. I would be a great add-on

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Hi there, I also agree with Alejandro. I would like to import references in bibtex format (from scholar).


My heart is broken that this is gone--I should never have upgraded from Papers 3.

I am just trying the ReadCube Papers for the first time.  I would also  like to import references in bibtex format (from scholar), as it does not import books automatically. The fact that this feature is missing and you have to add the information manually  is really annoying, especially when - as I read in the other comments - the feature was present in older versions of Papers 3. Well, I was thinking of subscribing to this software once my 30 day trial period is over, but I think this makes the decision for me. 

I am just trying out Papers software for the first time. I got really annoyed to find out that this feature is missing, especially reading that it was present in the older version Papers 3. It is just such a hustle to have to add the books from scholar manually into your citations.  Well I am still in my free 30-days trial period and thinking of the substription, but I think this makes the decision for me. 

Hello!  Just to clarify, Papers will import references in BibTeX format but just not yet straight from the clipboard.  To add a .bib file, click on the "Add" button then "Add Files" and select the .bib file and the list you want to add the references to. 

I've added importing to the clipboard to the feature wishlist- thanks for the suggestion!

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