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BibTex Syncing

It would be really helpful if there is a function which can facilitate 

1. collecting all the BibTeX entries in a single file per list (or nested list) 

2. a path to the folder on the PC separately which contains all the BibTex files (per list) and 

3. ability to sync this BibTex file whenever there is a new entry in a particular list (or library).

I think this will really help while making notes about the paper, writing a review paper, etc. Thank you in advance.  

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We do this already for the libraries you have. If you go to your Papers Folder on your computer all of your Bibtex libraries should be there:

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Hi Jacob

Would it be possible to extend this to specified lists? A single monolithic bib-file is a bit cumbersome for large libraries. Though better than nothing!

Best, Chris

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Hello Jacob, Thanks for pointing it out. But my request was for a function which can facilitate the users to store a .bib file list-wise and to modify the path of destination folder in which .bib file is stored separately from the organized library.

Thank you @Jakob, that would be great. But in my folder "Papers Library" on my Mac (Readcube Papers version 4.0.19) I cannot find any .bib files. I have a number of lists. In the folder there are many pdfs. Just no .bib. This feature would be very important for me. 

Can you explain this?


The bib file is in the Papers Library directory wherever that may live on your device. We currently generate a bibtex for each collection or library that you have. One for All Papers and one for each shared library you have.

We've made an update to the .bib export - you can now find it by heading to the Gear Icon next to All Papers > Export as > BibTeX (.bib)


Thank you for the great efforts that you are taking. But the problem remains the same. Is it possible to make the .bib file list-wise? You provided the solution for .bib file of either all the papers and/or shared libraries or the user selected articles. Instead what is required is the list-wise .bib file. It would be really great if this works out. Thanks.

It would be great to have .bib syncing AND full integration with Overleaf.

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Thanks for the update Val. Does this new feature addresses Jacob's original point, namely to have a function which can facilitate the users to store a specified list in a .bib file, and so that the destination folder of such .bib file can be stored separately from the organised library? As I tried to state earlier, the main issue that .bib users have is to include such .bib files in the folder where they are writing a paper. Perhaps I am missing something? Could you expand a bit on how one is meant to use this new feature? 



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