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Copy citekeys in parentheses / curley brackets

It would be great to be able to select to copy citekeys in {curley.brackets} for use in Scrivener. At the moment {brackets} need to be inserted manually around each citekey.

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Perhaps even better would be an option menu where we could chose in which format to copy the citekey to the clipboard (e.g. curly brackets, with Latex cite commands, multimarkdown). Ideally, please make this a menu item so we can define a keyboard shortcut for it. This was a feature in Papers 3 that made it easy and convenient to use Papers in conjunction with LaTeX and Scrivener etc. 

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In Papers 3, it was also possible to manually define in what format the citekey would be copied to the clipboard (Latex cite or citep command, Papers citekey with curly brackets or MMD formats with square brackets and hashes), which was really great. Now I need to type the command/brackets manually or use a macro for citing in a Latex editor or Scrivener.

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