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Sentence case option for titles

Please consider including an option to change the article titles to sentence case. This is necessary for current formatting in APA and other styles. Both Endnote and Zotero have an option for doing this. 

This issue is discussed in CSL website. Quoting from there: 

Titles in Sentence and Title Case

Whereas some English style guides require titles to be rendered in title case (“On the Origin of Species”), others require sentence case (“On the origin of species”). Automatic conversion of titles from title case to sentence case is much more error prone than the reverse. For example, conversion code would have to recognize that the word “Beagle” in the title-cased “The Voyage of the Beagle” is a proper noun, and leave it capitalized when converting the title to sentence case. Automatic conversion of titles from sentence case to title case is generally much less problematic.

For this reason, we recommend that you store all titles in your reference database in sentence case. Our repository CSL styles that need sentence case will generally just print titles as is, whereas styles that need title case will use an automatic title-case conversion.

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Even if it is error prone, a simple sentence case conversion button for titles (as is done with a right click option in Zotero) saves A LOT of time when you need to clean up a bunch of references for APA style.

It would save a lot of time if there was a simple button to change the title of one or more references into title case. Zotero does this with a single right click. You sometimes need to touch it up, but much faster than manually changing title to sentence case for dozens of references.

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