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Add more metadata columns to list view and Details tab (Volume, Pages, etc.)

There are a lot of useful metadata options in Papers 3 that do not exist in the new version.  Two columns I am really missing in the table view in readcube that I find necessary are 'Volume' and 'Pages'. To effectively use this citation software I need to be able to see all the relevant info when looking at every paper (this also includes author names in 'last, first' order). Having a DOI option too would be helpful as well. Ideally, any info that can be found in the 'Edit' tab would likely be useful to have as a column option in the table view. Additionally, any info added into the 'Edit' tab should be visible in the 'Details' tab as that is where one can check if the citation is correct (if you cant put this info in the columns in the table view).

Thank you

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