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Easy export pdf

I would like to be able to simply "right" click on an entry, go to Export as ..., and select pdf (like in Papers 3). Exporting pdfs currently requires too many steps. I'd also like to export multiple pdfs at the same time.

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When I want to share a bunch of PDFs I have to right-click each entry, show it in finder and copy it to a different location before being able to share them. It's a bit annoying that Papers lacks better features regarding exporting/sharing PDFs.

Hi there, 

We're excited to announce we have added the feature Copy Files to the right-hand menu. Simply select a single or group of PDFs to copy to your clipboard and paste them in another folder or program. 

Please note, this currently works in the desktop app only and needs to have the PDFs downloaded from the cloud first. You can copy as many files as your computer storage will allow for the clipboard. 

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