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List of highlighted excerpts

I’d like to be able to review the highlights I’ve made in a paper or list of papers without having to open the individual PDF files. It would be great if you could extract the highlighted excerpts and present them all together in a single list for review. It might also be nice to be able to tag highlights / excerpts and review them by tag. This would make it easy to collect and review evidence related to a topic across papers.

This feature would save me a ton of time.

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You can view highlights/annotations you made on the PDF on the notes tab. This is available on the library view and Enhanced PDF Reader view.

This feature does not seem to work properly in the iPad app. The notes bubble appears but when I select it I do not see any content even when I have made many highlights in the document.

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This feature does not appear to work correctly in the iPad app. I am able to select the notes bubble at the top but no content appears even when the document has many highlights in it.

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