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Smartcite streamlining - 4 suggestions.

Word citations is, for me, the most important feature of papers, but it is cumbersome for two central reasons:

1) Even when working perfectly, it requires too many clicks. Ideally, I would be able to rpess a shortcut that allows me to start searching for a reference, then immediately insert it when I select the item I want. In the current format one opens the side panel, chooses from several tabs, then searches an item, then presses enter, then selects an item, then selects insert. This process is just not practical.


2) The search function is wonky. Sometimes it finds items only by the author, other times only by the title, it often crashes. 

3) The whole sidepanel is cumbersome and unnecessary - I would rather just have a quick search box (as in zotero).

4) I often need to work in areas with no wifi. It is simply impractical for the plugin to not work offline (the citekeys option is cumbersome and not practical for me).


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