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Updated needed for Smart Cite

Good day ahead.

I would request you to kindly incorporate the following changes in smart cite. Since you have an in built Smart Cite for windows and underneath it there are sub-tabs namely “References, Bibliography, Options”. But all the annotation and all the important notes that we assign while reading an article are not available. This makes scientific writing all the more time-consuming. Each time we had to go back to the individual article to collect the important information. This makes research writing more complex and we end up in chaos. Therefore, you should try to bring in annotation and notes feature into smart cite, so that an individual is able to write and cite accordingly in a flowless manner. For instance, if an individual would like to write about methodology, then he should have all the important annotations and notes available to him in Windows side panel so that he could focus more effectively towards scientific writing. Waiting for your timely response. I would be happier to discuss in detail the changes virtually, if provided a chance to do so.

In the attached screenshot, prepared using MS-office you can add on the feature of Annotation + Notes adjacent to the options, so that writing could become all the more effective and thereby it achieves the purpose of accessibility and usefulness in the longer run. Kindly incorporate it in your new release note for the coming month.

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