Installing SmartCite Add-in for Word

Installing Add-in:

To install SmartCite, you will need to search the ADD-in Store for "SmartCite" and install it into your version of Word. You can find the Add-in Store in the INSERT menu. 

When you find it, select ADD and SmartCite will be added to the REFERENCES tab of your menu bar on the far right.

Getting set up: 

The first time you log into SmartCite you will be asked to log-in as you normally do through your ReadCube Papers apps. Once authenticated, you will see your library populate automatically.


Inserting references:

Use the “References” tab to search your library for references to cite. Select one or more search results, and click the bottom “Insert Citation” button to add to your document (at the current cursor location).

Screenshot of SmartCite in Word 2016

To update an existing citation in your document, click on it so that the citation is activated (gray “highlight”). You will notice it opens back up in the right panel. For citations with multiple references, an individual reference can be deleted by clicking on the corresponding X button in the right-side panel, followed by the “Update Citation” button. You can also change the order by dragging the grey boxes (ie. "Miller, 2012", "Braasch, 2016" ) in the desired order. With all changes, for them to take effect, you'll need to click "Update Citation" at the bottom of the panel.

To add a bibliography, click the “Bibliography” tab, and then click the “Insert Bibliography” button at the bottom.

Search in the “Bibliography” section to update with another citation style anytime. Please note that in order to change the inline styling, you need to insert a bibliography.

Screenshot of Bibliography tab inside SmartCite

Please note: SmartCite for Word and Google Docs is currently not cross-compatible. you will need to choose and select one program to insert and update your references. If you need to work cross-platform, our recommendation is to use placeholders inline and insert the references as your final step. We are working to enable working on documents across both platforms without restriction in the near future.


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