How can I import my library to the ReadCube Papers Mobile app?

Upon downloading the ReadCube Papers Mobile App (iOS/Android) and successfully logging in with your ReadCube Papers account, you will likely be greeted by an empty library.  Fortunately for you, there are a number of ways that you can populate your library with plenty of articles to read while commuting to work or at home in bed.

The first way you can populate your library is to use ReadCube Papers' sync functionality to pull down all of your PDF’s from our cloud server.  To do this, you must have already imported, indexed, and synced your PDF’s into your ReadCube Papers library (see: How do I import my PDFs into ReadCube Papers?). 

Make sure you are logged in to ReadCube Papers and the ReadCube Papers Mobile app with the same account

Screenshot of ReadCube Papers library in the mobile iOS app.

Once you’re logged in, make sure you have an active internet connection and press the “sync” button when in the library view of the iPad App.  Please give your ReadCube Papers App a few minutes to complete the sync process (especially for larger libraries).  Also note that you are not downloading all of the PDF’s but just the metadata for each entry in your library - simply press the “download” button after highlighting an article to download it from the cloud.  

Screenshot of an article preview in the ReadCube Papers mobile app.

The other option for populating your library is using our PubMed search engine, which works through any proxy you might have (you can set it in your preferences menu). Simply navigate to the left-hand bar and search for articles by name, author, DOI, journal name, and more, and download them directly into your library.  If you annotate these articles they can be synced back to your desktop client.

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