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Here are some quick tips on getting started: 

Import your existing PDFs: Follow the in-app instructions to import your existing PDFs from your desktop. ReadCube Papers will automatically build a fully searchable library and keep any folder structure you may have. You can import using the "Import" button in the app or use our handy uploader.

Screenshot showing how to manually add files in ReadCube Papers

Set-up your proxy

Go to your account page and set up your institutional proxy (if applicable) for easy downloading.

Screenshot of institutional search to connect institutional proxy on the ReadCube Papers account page

Start Discovering

Search for new articles in Google Scholar or PubMed - built right into the desktop for your convenience. Check out your personalized article recommendations, take notes... the sky's the limit! Add our new Papers Browser Extension and enjoy 1-click imports from publisher websites and directly from search results on sites like Google Scholar and PubMed.

Screenshot on where to add papers found in Google Scholar directly into ReadCube Papers via the Browser Extension

Read Better

Double click on any article to view - enjoy annotation tools, clickable inline citations, linked supplements, and much more. (video

Go Mobile

Access your library anywhere, anytime with ReadCube Papers app available through your iPhone/iPad and Android devices. 

If you get stuck please feel free to contact us at ReadCube Papers Support!

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