Google Scholar and the Browser Extension

Google Scholar has made some changes and will no longer allow us to inject the Extension buttons on their page. We have developed a solution that will work on every website that the extension works on. While this change only effects Google Scholar you can use the following workflow on any website.

Type a search in google scholar as you usually would. As you can see all the buttons that were usually there have been removed by google.

However in the top right you can now see a number by the ReadCube logo. If you click the logo you will now get a list of all the papers on the page. It will be able to tell if anything is already in your library and you can still hit View PDF if the article is open access or already part of your library to view the full text.

You can also select multiple articles at the same time and add them straight into your library. There is also a select all button at the bottom if you wish to import all the results into your library directly.

We are working with Google Scholar to try and make this transition as easy as possible and we apologize for the inconvenience but hope this new functionality makes you more productive than you were before.

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