Adding licenses to existing Papers subscriptions

If you have a single-year plan, you can go to your account page and choose option to “Add Seats”. The additional seats (s) will be immediately billed the prorated amount (the portion left on your original year subscriptions).

If you have a multi-year plan, at this time, we are unable to add individual licenses to multi-year plans after your initial purchase, only to single year plans. It is something we are working on supporting later this year. 

There are a few of options - none perfect, but some may be a better fit for some than others. 

  1. Refund the unused portion of your existing subscription so you can resubscribe with a larger number of users. You will be able to manage all the licenses from your account page. This will require that we downgrade your entire group (if you have a group of licenses) while you resubscribe. You will also need to re-invite those existing users to have a seat within the new package.
  2. Create a new account for yourself and subscribe for the additional users (ie. under a secondary email). Email us and let us know when you have done so and we will remove a license taken up by default by your second account, to make you just an admin. You will have two different accounts to manage licenses through - but generally assigning/reassigning licenses are occasional activities. To purchase under a new account, you will need to log out of the account you are currently in and use a different email when prompted to create an account.
  3. Purchase separate individual license keys for your team members. In this case, you will be granted an upgrade key that your colleague can use to upgrade their account.  These will not be added to your account to manage. The key is non-transferrable throughout the year. If you would like to proceed with Option 3. please chose the appropriate license type:

Student (status verification required)



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