Highlights Display as Solid Color

It appears this is a bug with the computer's graphics card driver and Google Chrome's implementation of hardware acceleration when rendering 2D canvases.  In some cases, users have reported updating their graphics card driver to the latest version has resolved the issue.  

We are currently working on a more permanent solution to this issue but in the meantime as a workaround for the web app, please do this:

1 -  In Google Chrome, go enter chrome://flags in the address bar and press enter. 

2 - In the search bar, type accelerated 2d canvas

3. - Change the setting from "Enabled" to Disabled:

4. - Click "relaunch" to relaunch Chrome and you should be all set!

If this is happening on the ReadCube Papers desktop application, please do the following:

 1.) Launch the desktop app and head to Papers Settings - General

2.) Select "disable hardware acceleration"

3.) Save and reboot the desktop application and you should be good!

 Please reach out to us at support@papersapp.com if you continue to have issues. 

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