How do I set up my institutional proxy in ReadCube Papers?

Often times, schools and other institutions will have a proxy address which allows for users to access paid content from publishers while off campus. This means that no matter where you are - on campus or off - you can access content to which your institution has the privilege of access.

With ReadCube Papers, you are able to connect to your proxy, enabling you to download that content directly into your ReadCube Papers library.  

Setting up Proxy on ReadCube Papers:

To do this, head into My Account and select "Edit" next to "Institution":

Screenshot of how to navigate to the ReadCube Papers Account page

Once you click on "Edit", you can select your proxy from the dropdown menu or enter it in manually: 

Screenshot of institutional search to connect institutional proxy on the ReadCube Papers account page

From there, you'll be all set to use your proxy!

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ReadCube Papers Support!

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