Creating shared libraries

You can create up to 5 shared libraries with your Papers subscription. 

To create a shared library either click on the + button next to Shared Libraries or select the "+ Create Library" button. Then name your library and invite colleagues to view the contents and even contribute to your library. Once you input a colleague's email address press ENTER so a grey bubble appears around the email. You can add multiple email addresses (just remember to persons emails at once (just remember to click "ENTER" after each email. Click "Create" to finish up.

Invited users will receive an invitation to your shared library. Existing users will be redirected to their library which will now show the new library within the list of shared libraries. If the invited person is not yet a Papers users, they will be prompted to register and account and will then be able to access the shared library via the 30-day trial. 

To add or remove users within an existing shared library, simply click the gear icon next to the library title and select the "Share with People and Groups" option: 

For any other questions you can reach out to us at Papers Support.

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