Sharing Article PDFs directly from Papers by Email, Slack, Teams, ...

For users that like to share PDFs, we've created a feature to copy then to the clipboard, either individually or multiple PDFs at once. You will need to use the desktop application for this. 

Simply have the PDFs already downloaded from the cloud (you will recognize this by the paperclip icon next to the references) and a new "Copy > Files" option will appear once you right-click on a reference:

Once you copy these files, you can then paste them to a folder, Slack, email, or any other application that accepts files.

If the files have not been previously downloaded from the cloud (still have a cloud icon next to the reference), then the "Copy > Files" option will ignore them during the copy operation.  

Please note: some programs may not accept the PDFs you copy depending on size, so make sure the PDFs you copy do not exceed those programs' size limits.

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