Two Chrome Extensions Merged Into One: Transitioning From “Anywhere Access” Chrome Extension to “Papers / Anywhere Access” Chrome Extension

With an increasing number of users using both our Papers and Anywhere Access functionality, we decided to simplify things for everyone and merge the previously separate extensions into one. 

While most users are on the primary Papers browser extension, some may still be using the outdated Anywhere Access version. Not to worry though - It's very easy to switch. We encourage you to make this transition because as of August 1, 2019, we are no longer actively supporting the Anywhere Access extension. That means that there may be compatibility issues and bugs we are no longer able to offer support for.

How to switch to our Papers extension:

1. Go to the top menu of your browser and select Window > Extensions and remove Anywhere Access.

Screenshot showing where to remove the Anywhere Access Browser Extension for Chrome

Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Anywhere Access extension icon in your browser bar and click on the option to Remove from Chrome

Screenshot showing where to remove the Anywhere Access Browser Extension for Chrome

Removing the legacy extension will have no impact on your account, library or other settings. Once you log-in during the next step, everything will be reconnected. 

2. Once the old one has been removed, go to the Papers browser extension page and add it to Chrome. Click on the newly added extension in your browser bar to login with your same credentials and you'll be set to use the new extension.

Screenshot showing where to install the ReadCube Papers Browser Extension for Chrome

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at Papers support

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