The desktop app now has "Watch Folders" for you to automatically add articles into your library. Don't know what Watch Folders are or how to use them? Read on.

To create a Watch Folder you will need to access the Papers Settings window. Just click on the Papers menu tab (or icon for Windows). That should bring up the following menu. Choose "Watch Folders" on the left side to bring up the correct panel.

When you click Add watch folder you will have the option to select which library (Personal or Shared) to send the files to and the path of the specific folder that is where the files will be obtained from.

After you have press save any PDFs that are in that folder will be sent over to your ReadCube Papers Library.

You should also check if you have the Copy Files or Move Files selected in the File Management menu.

Copy Files will keep the files in the watch folder while Move Files will send all of the files from that folder to your library while deleting them from that folder.

If you do not want to have the specific Watch Folder you can press the Remove button and the files for that watch folder will not be sent over to your library.

You can repeat this step to add different folders to each library or if you have a specific folder that contains specific articles. As always if you have any questions give our support line an email.

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