Troubleshooting Tips for SmartCite in Word: Can't Insert Bibliography

If you are having an issue INSERTING a bibliography for the first time, please try these following steps to troubleshoot. Before going down the rabbit-hole here, please ensure you are also are have updated your Word and SmartCite:

Issue: No Style Selected

If there is no style selected, you will not be able to insert a bibliography.  If you don't know exactly what style you need - not to worry - it's easy to update later.

Issue: I can click insert, but nothing happens

First, try opening a new document and adding one reference with SmartCite and try to insert a bibliography. If that also did not work in the new document, send us an email to support. If it did work, proceed to the next steps of troubleshooting.

So the step above let us know it's an issue with this particular document. Please try these next troubleshooting steps. I recommend keeping copies of the documents just in case.

Ensure all track changes and comments are off. You can tell if they are on when the right margin is larger then the left. Try inserting the bibliography again.

If you have line numbering on, please toggle that off to NONE. You can turn it back on after you insert your bibliography. 

If you are trying to add your bibliography mid-document, note the bibliography will always add to the end. You can drag the formatted bibliography text box elsewhere in your doc using the light grey tab with 3 dots located in the top left corner.

If none of these steps help - drop a note to support

Please consider sending us a copy of the document or at least part of one as 90% of the time, we can identify the issue and get you back on your way within a few minutes. Your document will be immediately deleted following the resolution of the issue.  We do understand that it isn’t always possible to do so, but in those cases, please try to be patient as troubleshooting in this way is often a lot of trial and error - particularly if we can’t reproduce.

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