Customizing Inline Citations

If you are looking to customize an inline citation (ie. hiding author, add page number, adding special characters to bibliography), as we are still finalizing that functionality within SmartCite, you will need to do this manually,.

When customizing entries, whether it be the inline citation or the bibliography, it's important to do this as the last step when your document has all the citations added and bibliography updated in the desired style. 

If you make manual edits as you go and need to update document because you add/remove citation, or updated metadata, any manual text changes within those fields will revert to the default. 


If you are citing using a style in the format of (Author Name, Year), and you need to add a citation after you manually updated your document, make a duplicate copy of the formatted file where you manually updated the inline citations.  In the copy, add the inline reference, and update the bibliography. Copy bibliography over to the original document and manually add in the new inline citation to avoid having to redo the entire document. This only works in cases where you don't have the inline style in numerical order.

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