Updating and Editing Citations in SmartCite

As you start working with SmartCite to create the next groundbreaking paper, you'll likely need to go back and make some changes. 

To fully remove a citation from your document, please follow the steps below:

Click on the citation in question in Word which will result in a box labeled "SmartCite Citation" popping up. This means SmartCite is currently "locked into" that citation or group of citations.

To delete a citation, click the Options icon connected to the citation in question and you'll find the option to "remove citation":

Once you click "remove citation", be sure to then select "update citation" at the bottom of the SmartCite Add On to save that change:

You can also make SmartCite specific edits to your citation (these edits do not change the entry in your library) by selecting "edit reference" from the Option menu as explained above and then making the changes you'd like:

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