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This article provides instructions on how to import records from the U.S. National Library of Medicine into Readcube Papers using the report format.  This database doesn't match to any of the current publication types so we will treat it like a website and map the needed fields to the citation fields in Papers.

Here is an example of a record from using the the NLM citation guidelines:

Cannon R. Rilonacept to improve artery function in patients with atherosclerosis. 2006 Dec 29 [last updated 2012 Apr 25; results first received 2009 Sep 14; cited 2015 Apr 25]. In: [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): U.S. National Library of Medicine. 2000 -   . Available from: Identifier: NCT00417417.

First, use to locate and select clinical trials using the search interface:

Mark the records you wish to export and click on "Download"

On the Download screen, select CSV for File Format and Data Fields: NCT Number, Study Title, Brief Summary, Sponsor, Collaborators, First Posted date.

Open the .CSV file in your spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers) and we are going to map the columns to the correct fields in Readcube Papers.


    NCT Number -> publication title

    Study Title -> title

    Brief Summary -> abstract

    Sponsor -> contributor

    Collaborators -> author

    First Posted -> date

Then, create two new columns with the data as shown below:

"access date" = today's date  (i.e., the date that you saved the record)

"type" = webpage

Save this spreadsheet as ".CSV" and open up the desktop version of Papers.

Go to File - Import - File, and choose the newly saved .CSV document, select desired Library and To list.  

The clinical trials will be imported as new website references in Papers and you can then click on the edit button on individual records if you need to add or correct any information.

Helpful Tip: If there are additional data from the database that you would like to export, you can map it to any of these Papers fields listed here.  

You may also wish to consult this guide to importing and exporting .CSV files with Papers.

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