Adding Active in-text citations in SmartCite to your own Library

ReadCube Papers offers many powerful collaboration options, including the option to import references to your library directly from a SmartCite formatted document. This is a great option for users who are collaborating with colleagues and want to be sure everyone is referencing the same citations. 

To import references directly into your ReadCube Papers library from SmartCite, please do the following:

- launch the paper in SmartCite and navigate to "list of active references":

- from here, you can either export the citations as a .bib or .ris file and import them into your ReadCube Papers library manually by following the steps here. Or, you can directly import those references into a new List in your library:

- those references will now be available to you in your ReadCube Papers library and PDFs downloaded when possible/if user has access

With those references imported into your ReadCube Papers library, you can easily download those PDFs and zip them as part of a submission. Note, you must be using the ReadCube Papers desktop application. 

To do this, check that all references are local by selecting the references in that list (click top reference - hold shift - click bottom reference to select all in between) and selecting "Download from Cloud":

If you do not have the "Download from Cloud" option, check to see if you have a paperclip icon to the far left of the reference. If you do, your file is already downloaded, and you're ready to go. 

Note: before proceeding to the next step, we recommend that you explore our file management feature as this will make navigating your locally downloaded files much easier. Here you also configure the naming convention your file will download as (ie. Journal Name_First Author_Year). 

Now with your files locally downloaded, head back to your library, select your files, right-click and choose "export to" and select "PDF" with or without annotations. This will export all of those PDFs into a single folder at the location of your choosing:

Now your PDFs are ready to go!

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