Working with Multiple Section Bibliographies in SmartCite

SmartCite supports multiple section bibliographies starting with version 2.5.20 (November 2022). To enable this feature, choose Options > Turn on document section bibliographies. 

Once enabled, bibliographies would be divided by the document’s section breaks. Each section break will have its own incrementing list of citations and bibliography. 

SmartCite supports four different types of section breaks in Word: 

  • continuous
  • next page
  • odd page
  • even page. 

Please note that Word Online does not currently support adding section breaks. However, if a document has been created in Work (Desktop) and that file later accessed via Word Online, the version of the document will still have section breaks in Word Online in that scenerio and the SmartCite document section bibliographies feature will work.  

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

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