How to export files from the Papers web application

You have the ability to export your PDFs directly from the Papers web application.

Note that file management is only available on the Papers desktop app. For information on how to export and organize files on the Papers desktop app, please see this article.

To export a single PDF file from the web application, navigate to the reference in question - right click - and select "download file":

You will then receive a prompt asking you to confirm your download location and then the download will begin.

To export PDFs of your entire LIbrary or List, navigate to the Settings of the Library or List in question and select "export PDFs"

You'll then see a window pop up asking you to set your file naming convention for the downloads:

Once you have made you selection, a popup will appear informing you that those PDFs are being exporting and that an e-mail with a link will soon be sent to the e-mail address you have on file with Papers.

(Note: If you are unsure what e-mail address this is, click the Papers icon on the top left of the web app)

In a few minutes (time will vary depending on the number and size of the files), you will receive an e-mail from Papers Alerts at with a message stating: "your PDF export is available for download here". Clicking "here" will start the download.

(Published February 6th, 2024

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