Deploying SmartCite for Enterprise Customers

To deploy the SmartCite word add-in you will need to go to the Office 365 Admin center.

To start go to and sign in. Once there you will need to click on the Admin icon to load your admin center.

Once you have loaded the admin center you will need to click "Show All" to load all the tabs. Then select settings -> integrated apps and finally Add-ins

On the Add-ins screen you will need to click Deploy Add-In.

Click next once reviewing the Centralized Deployment screen and click Choose from store

You can browse for the add-in manually but we recommend using the search box at the top right and searching for "SmartCite". Once you see the add-in show up click "Add". A box should show up that will link you to our Terms and privacy policy. 

The next screen will allow you to configure the add-in for everyone, select users / groups, or just yourself. We recommend setting up a group of power users to make sure the app shows up in your their ribbon and works as expected. After selecting your users or groups click "Deploy".

Success! You have no deployed the add-in. To edit the users that the add-in is deployed to simply select the add-in on your add-in screen( and select who you want to add or remove.

For additional information about using the Centralized Deployment please refer to Microsoft documentation:

For Security Concerns about Microsoft Add-ins you can see the following link:

Our Add-in runs in a sandbox environment ensuring the security and integrity of the operating system.

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